Winter Carnival Postponed Due to….Snow

By Ben LaRoche ’15

Many years ago, Edward Little High School would throw a Winter Carnival every year and this year, through the urging of students, administration decided to revive the tradition.

Initially suggested by seniors Ally LaVerdiere and Danielle Gagne, the Winter Carnival is a week long celebration consisting of one to two events per day, minus Saturday. Some of the events that were initially planned were: a teachers vs. students dodgeball match, sledding races, Express Yourself Day, a bonfire, an art walk, an ugly sweater day and a dance.

Originally planned for the week of February 9, the Winter Carnival has since been postponed until the week of March 9 due to the many snow days Edward Little has had this year. It was pushed back to give more time for planning and preparation. The current schedule is subject to change within the coming weeks as the organizers fine-tune the event.

The Winter Carnival is quite comparable to Spirit Week, the annual fall celebration where each grade competes to win the most points. The major difference, though, is that Winter Carnival week will ask the whole school to work together to raise as much money as possible for New Beginnings, a local youth homeless shelter.

With March being the only month during the school year that has literally no days off, a stress reliever like the Winter Carnival could be exactly what students need to blow off some steam during the cold, dark winter months.

Art teacher Shawn Rice remembers the Winter Carnival quite fondly, as he was around for the days when it was still tradition, and he is all for its return. “I loved it,” he said. “It was an incredible community building experience.”

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