Vine: The (Slightly Longer Than) Six Second Story

Vada Ritchie, ’15

Vine started in January of last year and it has seen non-stop growth in popularity ever since. The app allows people to take and share six second videos.

Most Vines are designed to be comedic and allow people to be silly, but news stations and tv shows are now starting to use it for a quick news update or previews of TV shows.

Recently, they’ve made Vine accessible on the web as well, untethering it from smartphones. So if someone doesn’t have an iPhone, iPad, iPod or an Android, they’re able to view the hilarious and entertaining Vines once they make an account at This makes sharing Vines easier with everyone you know.

Something that really irks me about Vine, though, is that it’s now all over Facebook. Sure, a few videos shared here and there wouldn’t be so bad, but there is now “Best of Vines” and “Hilarious Vines” pages that post hundreds of these short videos on Facebook. This gets extremely annoying, because going on Facebook now is basically going on Vine. All I go on Facebook for is to see what my family is up to. If I wanted to see a bunch of Vines, I would go on the Vine app! I’m praying now that people can go on, there won’t be as many plastered all over Facebook.

I’m not on Vine too often, but when I am, I’m stuck on it for hours and hours on end, laughing non-stop and sharing with other friends.

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