Unusual Spotting on Snake Trail

If you see this on the Snake Trail, run!

If you see this on the Snake Trail, run!

Edward Little High School junior Travis O’Riley said he spotted Bigfoot after school on March 31.  “I had stayed after to get math help until about 2:50 today,” O’Riley said. He went on to describe the scene as unsettling and eerily quiet. “I knew something was wrong but I couldn’t put my finger on it at the time, that’s when I turned the second corner and saw the trampled branches and leaves scattering the walkway.”

When Travis heard footsteps run by rapidly behind him, he turned expecting to face fellow students but when he turned around he saw huge muddy footprints on the path and pieces of squirrel with berries. “I didn’t know what to make of it, because it could have just been a student with very large feet, now I know better.”

“I was reminded of the incident last fall when we had a moose on the loose and the aftermath was similar, broken branches and leaves along the trail,” he continued down the path to his turn off. “I heard a noise in front of me and what I saw changed me.

“I looked up at the noise and met the stare of Bigfoot. Suddenly everything on the trail behind me clicked into place. The broken branches, the huge footprints and the chewed squirrel bits lining the trail. But when I saw what was in his hands I knew Bigfoot was not someone to be trifled with.

“In Bigfoot’s hands was a moose weighing what we would later find out to be a whopping 873 lbs. Bigfoot glanced up at me and then back at the moose, droping the moose and turned away,” O’Riley stated.

There are a lot of Bigfoot skeptics, however we have heard straight from one of our very own students he is indeed real and hungry and still out on the Snake Trail.

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