Top 5 Television Shows of 2013

by Danica Nadeau, ‘15

You’re all probably thinking I am crazy, but actually, neither “Breaking Bad” nor AMC’s “The Walking Dead” are on my list, meaning to most of you, I probably don’t know what I am talking about. In all honesty, I am not into zombies, but I am interested in shows that focus on deception and make the viewer think about what truly is happening, which probably explains why “Scandal” and “American Horror Story” are my top two shows of 2103.

1. ScandalScandal

“Scandal” is perfection. It hits every great element that a show can have. From love to concealed truths, what else could someone want in a show? To all you “Breaking Bad” lovers, a big heads up. This show does not have meth labs. And to you “Walking Dead” fanatics, no zombies will be dragging their way onto the screen of Scandal, but that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy watching it, because I bet you will!

Even though “Scandal” may only be on its third season, it is very successful. The base storyline for the show is quite confusing, actually. There are so many twists and turns that deceive the viewer into believing one thing, and then all of the sudden, bam! Something completely different happens. However, to summarize the show without having to write a novel, it is basically about a president (President Fitz) who is a hot shot and is also tied up in a few life changing lies, that if they were ever leaked out, would easily topple him from his job as one of the most powerful men in the world. Now, on the other end of the show, President Fitz is also having an affair with Olivia Pope, who is a strong-willed woman who is willing to dig deeper than anyone to uncover truths that are hidden in the darkness of the government.

2. American Horror StoryAmerican Horror Story

For anybody who has ever watched “American Horror Story,” you know how gory this show can be, but, looking past the graphic images, “American Horror Story” captures the fear of many individuals and puts them into reality. Now, let’s be honest. Who would want to be stuck in the haunted house of American Horror Story’s season one plot, or be stuck at a mental asylum and be abducted by aliens? Yeah, probably nobody would want to experience any of those nightmares.

From suspense to gore, American Horror Story impressively can make the audience feel the fear that the characters endure, which I believe is a huge necessity in TV shows. This show is a little twisted, but there is no other show like it out there. The uniqueness of this show is what makes so many love it, especially me.

Pretty Little Liars3. Pretty Little Liars

ABC family has many hit dramas, but “Pretty Little Liars” is by far my favorite. Drama, drama, and some more drama is essentially what Pretty Little Liars is based on, and oh wait, some lies are thrown into that mixture as well.

“Pretty Little Liars” consists of four high school best friends named Emily, Spencer, Hannah, and Aria who are out to dig up the lie behind the death of their best friend Allison and are willing to stop at nothing. The friends have to be cautious about who they trust when it comes to sharing their secrets, because it seems like every time they tell someone something, they get caught for it. All eyes are on these four young ladies because of their suspicious actions. Also, all eyes are on them in another way, too, because they are always being watched by someone from the “A” alliance trying to prevent these girls from finding the real truth about what actually happened to Allison.

4. Impractical Jokers

Impractical JokersWho doesn’t love a good laugh? These four life-long friends can instantly flip your bad day into a great one with the embarrassing tasks they have to go through with. Now, everyone loves embarrassing one of their good friends, but would you do it if in return you had to embarrass yourself as well? Well, these four friends have no filter, and don’t really care what people think of them. From walking the streets of New York wearing dress up costumes, to working at fast food restaurants doing whatever the others say, these friends goals in life are to make each other miserable, but in a comical fashion.

The show consists of doing crazy, embarrassing, practical jokes on people. From the beginning to the end of the show there will be nothing but laughter. I always say that I am pretty daring when it comes to doing things that my friends say, but these four guys are absolutely crazy with the pranks and jokes they have to do to complete strangers! If you’re looking for a good laugh, then “Impractical Jokers” is the show for you.

Grey's Anatomy5. Grey’s Anatomy

Gotta love some surgeon drama, am I right? “Grey’s Anatomy” is my obsession. I love the drama that goes on at all times in the hospital, all the lies, and also, all of the lives that they save every episode. Even though Grey’s may not be going strong like it was during its beginning seasons when Dr. McSteamy was still on the show, Grey’s is still an all-time love for many people. Grey’s makes you fall in love with each character, and allows you to witness their struggles. Grey’s Anatomy may not capture what true hospitals are really like, but they fulfill people’s needs with the drama it consists of, while throwing some eye candy in the show as well.

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