The Smackdown of Smack High and Snapchat

By Devin Dumont, ’16

Smack High is an app geared toward high school students that allows users to anonymously post messages. The posts quickly turned into cyberbullying, though.

Posts on Smack High by anonymous students quickly turned into cyberbullying.

In October, Edward Little High School forced students to remove the applications Snapchat and Smack High from their iPads. The consequence of not deleting these apps would be that they would restrict every app on your iPad, which means the iPad would be useless. You would be unable to do any work and unable to turn in work that’s already finished.

Snapchat is an app where people can take a picture, write a small caption with it and send it to anyone they wish who also has Snapchat. The photos then essentially self-destruct after a few seconds. Smack High is a Website, app, and Twitter account. On Twitter, users can submit anything that they want that’s either bashing another student or teacher, or submit something that’s bashing another school. This has to go through the person who’s running the Twitter account, on the app however, as long as a user has an account, they can post anonymously without anyone determining if it is appropriate.

The problem with Smack High is that users can post anything they want about other people to bash them and still remain anonymous, which can go very wrong with high school students. People’s main reason to use it was to bully other students and make fun of teachers who work at Edward Little. Snapchat was also used by kids during class and creating a distraction.

In the end, Edward Little blocked Snapchat and Smack High, at school and at home. When you try to log onto them, it just says it’s unable to connect. So we’ll see if this this will help kids focus in class in the long run. There are new apps released every day, though, so students are bound to find a new app to distract them.

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