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“Marvel’s Spider Man” Swings to Success

The main cover of the Wall-Crawler’s new adventure.

by Noah Phillips, ’21

It’s a claim that has been made time and time again for many superhero games, but I have to say it: Insomniac Games’ “Spider-Man” for the PS4 makes you feel like the titular wall-crawler in this very fun, challenging, and compelling adventure.

The plot of the game is pretty simple: Peter Parker has just arrested the notorious Kingpin and all is well. That is, until an old ally, Martin Li, is revealed as the leader of an evil organization known as The Demons, and is also the supervillain “Mister Negative.” Now it’s up to Peter to save New York, while encountering classic characters such as Silver Sable, Mary Jane Watson, Miles Morales, and many more. All in all, the plot is simple but fun, and I found myself very invested in the story, even feeling pretty distressed at critical moments of the story such as the ending involving the fate of a pretty critical character.

Echo Games Review #1 Megaman!

by Tristan Lane, ’18

Welcome to the Echo Games review. In honor of Megaman 11 coming out later this year, I’m going to talk about the original Megaman series, one of my personal favorite game franchises. As an example of how popular Megaman has become, within 30 years since the original game, there are 103 games released, including spin-offs. The only series with more games than him is Mario.