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Echo Games Review #1 Megaman!

by Tristan Lane, ’18

Welcome to the Echo Games review. In honor of Megaman 11 coming out later this year, I’m going to talk about the original Megaman series, one of my personal favorite game franchises. As an example of how popular Megaman has become, within 30 years since the original game, there are 103 games released, including spin-offs. The only series with more games than him is Mario. 

Journalism and Film Combine for Broadcast Media Course

By Shannon Brown, ’16

The Eddies Echo and the documentary film class will join together to create a broadcast media class for ELHS students next year. Both elements of the journalism and film class will be implemented into the new full school year class. EL students can recreate the environment of a newsroom in school, learning the ins and outs of news writing for television and the web.

Edward Little gets SMART

By Jake Bazinet, ’15


Danielle Gagne shares her project on water quality to local business owners in the field of science and agriculture.

Edward Little students, part of SMART, the Stormwater Management Research Team, visited the University of Maine recently to study ways that stormwater run-off affects water quality. The students studied a variety of factors that impact water quality, and their research may be used in the future to help inform the Auburn community of local water quality issues. 

Do Students Really Know What’s Going On?

Danica Nadeau 15′

For years, when the bell rang and signaled the start of second period, Edward Little High School students would hear announcements from the great “Brian Williams,” aka Mr. Steve Galway. This year, however, Edward Little has transferred to announcements on Powerschool, the web program that students use to check up on homework assignments and their grades.

The Smackdown of Smack High and Snapchat

By Devin Dumont, ’16

Smack High is an app geared toward high school students that allows users to anonymously post messages. The posts quickly turned into cyberbullying, though.

Posts on Smack High by anonymous students quickly turned into cyberbullying.

In October, Edward Little High School forced students to remove the applications Snapchat and Smack High from their iPads. The consequence of not deleting these apps would be that they would restrict every app on your iPad, which means the iPad would be useless. You would be unable to do any work and unable to turn in work that’s already finished.

Snapchat is an app where people can take a picture, write a small caption with it and send it to anyone they wish who also has Snapchat. The photos then essentially self-destruct after a few seconds. Smack High is a Website, app, and Twitter account. On Twitter, users can submit anything that they want that’s either bashing another student or teacher, or submit something that’s bashing another school. This has to go through the person who’s running the Twitter account, on the app however, as long as a user has an account, they can post anonymously without anyone determining if it is appropriate.

An Illuminated Path to Conserving the Environment

By Jake Bazinet, 15

Broken Bulbs

The environmental and financial costs of fluorescent lights means that they should be eliminated from schools during future renovations.

Eventually, Edward Little High School will see major renovations. When it does, the school should eliminate fluorescent bulbs. The technology, such as the tube lights the school uses or the compact fluorescent bulbs that many people have in their homes, does have benefits, like lower energy costs and long life spans, but at the end of their life spans the bulbs harm the environment.

Confounding variables such as mercury and improper disposal raises the question of whether fluorescent bulbs are in fact beneficial. If not disposed of properly, toxic chemicals are emitted into the environment. It is important to ensure precautions are taken in the disposal of fluorescent bulbs. Safer and less harmful technologies, such as LED lightbulbs, should be used when schools such as Edward Little are renovated.

Social Media Rules Outdated

By Haley Knowlton, ’17

The Auburn School District policies on social media interaction between students and teachers are outdated.

The Auburn School District policies on social media interaction between students and teachers are outdated.

Many teenagers and their teachers use social media, but are the two groups allowed to be friends online? The answer is somewhat murky, as the school policies are technologically outdated and don’t reference specific social networking.

Flappy, The Bird That Can’t Fly

Flappy Bird drivers user's mad

Flappy Bird drives user’s mad

If you claim to not know what Flappy Bird is, you’re lying. We all know about that stupid, frustrating yellow bird (that now changes colors each round) that you’re supposed to help fly between the pipes. Well, I have a few things to say to you Mr. Flappy Bird, but I have to censor it a tad because of the rules.

The idea of the game is to tap the screen to get Flappy to fly and you have to avoid hitting the pipes or the ground and for every set of pipes you make it through, you get a point. Keep in mind, Flappy seems to be one sensitive bird and is practically drawn to the pipes.

I’m sorry, Flappy, but I’m trying to help you fly and you’d think you would help me out a little. Seeing as you have like all this space in between the two pipes, I don’t see why you’re having such a hard time getting your tiny little birdy form through.

Vine: The (Slightly Longer Than) Six Second Story

Vada Ritchie, ’15

Vine started in January of last year and it has seen non-stop growth in popularity ever since. The app allows people to take and share six second videos.

Most Vines are designed to be comedic and allow people to be silly, but news stations and tv shows are now starting to use it for a quick news update or previews of TV shows.

Surfing the Internet > Your Future?

 By Danica Nadeau, ’15

Give me ALL the Internets! Students often have a hard time managing the many distractions technology allows them, which could hard their future.

Give me ALL the Internets! Students often have a hard time managing the many distractions technology allows them, which could harm their future.

Breaking news! Research shows that children are slowly becoming more addicted to technology! Oh wait….that’s not new, but it has been developing at an astonishing rate recently. Children today know more about iPhones and iPads than they do about the alphabet or even colors. Don’t get me wrong, those devices can be used for good purposes, like teaching children how to count, read, and some social skills, but is it really that bad to keep it old school? The correct way a child should learn is by one-on-one contact with someone, and with hands-on activities to stimulate their mental growth.