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Principal James Miller Announces Retirement

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Principal Jimmy Miller, center, stands with students during a recent pep rally. The students held signs honoring Mr. Miller as they watched a video about his impact on EL students and staff.

by Colby Birkbeck, ’16, and Evan Emerson, ’16

Recently, Principal James Miller III of Edward Little High School announced that he would retire at the end of the school year. “After 42 years of being in high school,” he said, “it’s time to graduate.”

Over the years, he made teaching not only his profession, but his hobby, Miller said. He never had the time to go hunting, or go fishing, or any other hobbies, because he put all of his time into teaching. Finding something to do is going to be his biggest challenge come retirement.

Delorme Leaving EL to Join Peace Corps

by Michaila Wilmot, ’17


Social studies teacher Jonathan Delorme is leaving ELHS at the end of the year to travel to Morocco with the Peace Corps. (Photo by Noah Libby)

Jonathan Delorme, a first year social studies teacher at Edward Little High School, is leaving at the end of this year to join the Peace Corps to work on Youth Development in Morocco. Delorme graduated from the University of Farmington in 2015, and previously graduated from E.L in 2011. He teaches freshman social studies and sophomore world history. 

Beloved History Teacher Leaving Edward Little

Social studies teacher Ryan LaRoche a 20-year veteran of Edward Little High School, leaves today to pursue a new job as dean of students at Leavitt High School.

Social studies teacher Ryan LaRoche, a 20-year veteran of Edward Little High School, leaves today to start a new job as dean of students at Leavitt High School.

By Jake Bazinet, ’15

After 20 years as an educator at Edward Little High School, history teacher Ryan Laroche is parting ways for a new opportunity as dean of students at Leavitt Area High School.

After graduating in 1990 from Edward Little, LaRoche went to Springfield College in Massachusetts. As a high school student, LaRoche was a part of a study group and found that he had a high interest in history and did very well academically. Essentially he became a tutor to the class. From this he knew history was definitely an area that he had ability to help himself and others learn in. “History has pretty much been my focus from the start.” Entering Springfield, he entered as a history secondary education major.