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Finding Your Passion

by Avery Goulding, ’19

The author started bowling at age 5, and the sport has become her passion.

The author started bowling at age 5, and the sport has become her passion.

I grew up playing one particular sport, bowling. I dabbled in many other sports, but I still always came back to bowling, which I carried with me from age five. It wasn’t always easy, though. Early on in my ten-year journey with bowling, I found myself wanting to quit. I just wasn’t enjoying it anymore because I didn’t feel like I was good enough or really getting any better. After thinking about it a lot I decided to quit for a year, to relieve some of the pressure and experience what it would be like to get off the lanes and have more free time.

I can tell you, now, it wasn’t as great as I thought it would be. I missed my friends, the tournaments, the early Saturday morning league, and, most of all, the general environment. It was, after all, where I spent a majority of my time growing up. So what I decided to do was dedicate my entire summer to practicing. Unfortunately, jumping into this method still wasn’t getting me anywhere, because I figured I could just teach myself to be better. I was too shy and probably too embarrassed to ask for help.

Eddies Rally for the Success of 2016 Winter Sports

by Sydnee Harris, ’16

The Eddies have had a fantastic winter season.

A pep rally was held last Friday to congratulate and highlight our teams’ many successes, including the Girl’s Indoor Track state championship, a state championship game for Girls Basketball (which ultimately lost and placed second), a first place title in KVAC Class A slalom skiing by senior Brooke Lever, a first place title in KVACs for Girls Alpine Skiing, a state championship for boys alpine skiing, boys and girls state titles in slalom for sophomore Maxx Bell and senior Brooke Lever, respectively, and a semifinalist slot for the Boys Hockey team. During the rally, the Unified Basketball Team, which blends regular education and special education students, played and won an exhibition game against the Girls Basketball Team.


Blowin’ in the Wind: Waterville Relays

The Edward Little track team persevered through cold, windy weather on April 24 to compete at the Waterville Relays. The effort paid off, though as the boys team came in third, out of 14 teams, with 99 points, while the girls came in second, with 99 points as well.


Sheldon Goes Out With A Bang!

EL senior Sheldon Bang wrestles Dakota Jacques from Mountain Valley, Dec. 14, 2013, in the 138lb weight class. – Photo Courtesy of Sheldon Bang

Sheldon Bang, senior at Edward Little High School, ended his final wrestling season with his 100th match victory on Jan. 15, and on Feb. 15 he became the Class A State Champion.

Bang has been wrestling on and off for around nine years, five of them with a youth wrestling program and the other four high school. “I love the competition. No other sport matters as much on an individual level as wrestling does, in my opinion,” Bang said. “When it comes to performance it’s just your skill against the other opponents skill, your success doesn’t depends on how well the rest of the team performs.”

Sheldon, along with his brothers Steven, Shawn, and Skyler, started wrestling as child. “We all started wrestling at the young age, following in our father’s footsteps who also wrestled in high school,” Bang said.