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Bridge Program Connects High School to College

By Hannah Stauffer, ’17

The Bridge Program, a recent addition to Edward Little High School, allows juniors and seniors to take college courses in English, history, science, and math. The program allows students to earn college credit before graduating high school, giving them a jump-start on their post-high school goals.

Wind Walkers Raises Money for Edward Little

by Noah Libby, ’16

Boston-based metalcore band Wind Walkers performed at Sapphire Club recently to raise money for the Project Graduation. The fundraiser was organized by Trevor Laliberte, a student at Edward Little High School.

Eddies Rally for the Success of 2016 Winter Sports

by Sydnee Harris, ’16

The Eddies have had a fantastic winter season.

A pep rally was held last Friday to congratulate and highlight our teams’ many successes, including the Girl’s Indoor Track state championship, a state championship game for Girls Basketball (which ultimately lost and placed second), a first place title in KVAC Class A slalom skiing by senior Brooke Lever, a first place title in KVACs for Girls Alpine Skiing, a state championship for boys alpine skiing, boys and girls state titles in slalom for sophomore Maxx Bell and senior Brooke Lever, respectively, and a semifinalist slot for the Boys Hockey team. During the rally, the Unified Basketball Team, which blends regular education and special education students, played and won an exhibition game against the Girls Basketball Team.


Increased Number of Underclassmen Graduating Early

By Aisha Ali, ’14

In previous years, graduating early was uncommon. Now, students are warming up to the idea of leaving high school early. This year marks  the most underclassmen graduating early, according to Assistant Principal Steve Galway. There are five juniors graduating: Zachary Hurd, Mohamed Mohamed, Nina Wallingford, Nicole Morin, and Rahma Ali [ed. note: Rahma is the younger sister of writer Aisha Ali].

“The reason I am graduating early is because I feel like I’m ready to move on,” said Hurd. “I really wanted [a] chance to see how I could do academically by taking some college courses. Once I saw that I was able to succeed in [those classes], I decided to get my diploma and not delay my higher education.”

EL Students Make Way to Television

Alex Brushwein and Sidney Beesy compete on the game show MEST Up.

Alex Brushwein and Sidney Beesy compete on the game show MEST Up.

Two Edward Little High School seniors were recently featured on MestUp, a local game show that highlights science, technology, engineering and mathematics. On Jan. 18, seniors Sidney Beesy and Alex Brushwein filmed at WPXT studios in Westbrook for the second episode of the season.

Letter to the Editor: Community Service a Burden, Better Options Available

I completely agree with Bryan Koester’s article on community service (“Community Service: A Benefit or a Detriment?” Nov. 22). The idea of community service is to take the time we want to volunteer and give back to the community. But is a requirement to graduate still considered volunteer work? I personally found it hard to make time for community service with the busy schedule I have.

All through high school I have had to make time for so many things and that got hard. This year is my senior year in high school and I had to rule something out to make time for my new job as a nursing assistant. So first on my list to go was cheerleading. I have been a cheerleader for four years. With balancing school, homework, working, making time for friends and family, and also helping out around the house, I couldn’t continue the sport. Now, imagine my surprise when I forgot I had to do 24 hours of community service my senior year, as well.

EL Students Have Chance to Tackle College Early

Rahma Ali, ’15

College for ME-Androscoggin’s goal is to double the number of college degree holders in Androscoggin County by 2015. Science teacher Kim Finnerty is an Early College Coach here at Edward Little High School who can help students choose the right classes for them and fill out their applications. “The idea is that students have the opportunity to experience a college class and learn the difference between high school and college,” Finnerty said.

Thanks to the program, students are able to enroll in a college class while still in high school. Some of the possibilities are Bates College in Lewiston, Central Maine Community College in Auburn, Kaplan University in Lewiston, Saint Joseph’s College in Standish, University of Southern Maine’s Lewiston-Auburn Campus, and University of Maine at Augusta.

Community Service: A Benefit or a Detriment?

By Bryan Koester, ’14

In our day and age, high school diplomas are becoming harder to obtain, with new requirements almost every year. It seems like the reason for this is to create a better, well rounded and more sophisticated student. The latest addition: community service, which has been spreading across the country over the past two decades.

Fear and Loathing of an Auburn Education: Senior Portfolios

By Alex Lally, ’14

Imagine yourself as a senior and it’s the end of the year. You’ve obtained all 24 class credits, your 24 hours of community service are done, and you got to make out with your significant other at prom. Oh yes, life is good and you’re home-free for graduation. However, there’s one insignificant thing blocking your way: your senior portfolio. All of a sudden, that happy feeling is replaced with anger because you just don’t want to do this thing.

Class Presidents have High Goals for School Year

By Danica Nadeau, ’15

The senior and junior class presidents of Edward Little High School both have ideas to help raise money for their classes. Both presidents love being able to see their classes work together and be successful.

Rakiya Mohammed, the senior class president, is planning on hosting a dodgeball tournament, along with a winter carnival to try and help raise money for her class this year. Also, because the senior class will not be holding the handball tournament like they have in the past, Mohammed says, “The idea is still kind of up in the air for other classes if they want to take it.”