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Principal James Miller Announces Retirement

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Principal Jimmy Miller, center, stands with students during a recent pep rally. The students held signs honoring Mr. Miller as they watched a video about his impact on EL students and staff.

by Colby Birkbeck, ’16, and Evan Emerson, ’16

Recently, Principal James Miller III of Edward Little High School announced that he would retire at the end of the school year. “After 42 years of being in high school,” he said, “it’s time to graduate.”

Over the years, he made teaching not only his profession, but his hobby, Miller said. He never had the time to go hunting, or go fishing, or any other hobbies, because he put all of his time into teaching. Finding something to do is going to be his biggest challenge come retirement.

Sudden Retirement Creates Opportunity for Gray

By Haley Knowlton, ’17

Shortly before Christmas break, social studies teacher Art Feely gave his retirement notice after a long absence. School administrators didn’t have to go farther than the English wing for Feely’s permanent replacement. English teacher Erik Gray requested to take over Feely’s position.

“I was sad about Mr. Feely’s retirement because I really enjoyed working with him. We talked all the time about teaching, he was very passionate,” Gray said. “When I heard about the opening in the history department I asked to be considered.”