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EL Greenhouse Prepares for Spring Season

by Michaila Wilmot, ’17

The greenhouse project started on Feb. 23. Science teacher Jennifer Heidrich is in charge of the greenhouse, along with one other teacher, and 35 students participating. The program is part of the Chemistry through Agriculture class.

Winter Carnival Highlights Student Initiative and Talent

By Ben LaRoche, ’15

Edward Little’s 2015 Winter Carnival officially came to a close on Friday and many of the events were an overwhelming success, though there were a few hiccups along the way. The event was completely planned by students, and highlighted student art, musical skills and other talents.

The Art Walk was able to raise $245 for the New Beginnings Youth Homeless Shelter, all while entertaining the mass amount of students that were crammed into one hallway. The free day had a little something for everyone to enjoy, such as movies and games, and even if you didn’t want to do anything, you still had the option to simply kick back and unwind. The talent show gave the school a whole slew of amazing performances to watch and gave students the chance to show off what they can do.

Classes Compete in Spirit Week Hallway Contest

Danica Nadeau 15′

Edward Little High School’s most hectic and time consuming part of spirit week is hallway decorations. This year’s hallway themes were Old time Disney movies, which was taken on by the freshmen class. The sophomore class had “High School Musical,” juniors were “Frozen,” and the seniors were “Pirates of the Caribbean.” At the end of the hallway judging, and cleanup, the seniors came up on top with first place, juniors second, sophomores third, and freshmen last place.

Spotlight on Drama: Slow Knife! The Bold, the Young, and the Murdered

Soap operas, murder, mystery, narcissism, and “slow acting” knives all in the same play? I believe so. “The Bold, the Young, and the Murdered” is essentially a satire of the soap opera genre and, to a lesser extent, the 1945 film “And Then There Were None.” This production, hosted January 18, was the directorial debut of Paige Weber and Ally LaVerdiere.



Pies for a Cause

Edward Little students got a second opportunity to throw pies at teachers, as English teacher Jen Braunfels’ American Literature class hosted another pie throwing fundraiser. The event raised funds for the Edward Little food pantry and the Lunchbox Fund, an organization that provides daily meals to students in South Africa. Yesterday’s event raised $97 for the two organizations.