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Extra Curricular Activities Add Value to EL

by Bilal Hussein, ’18

Here at Edward Little, extra-curricular activities do not get as much of the attention as sports do. From band, to drama, many students embrace different activities that they enjoy and yet it seems they get little to no attention compared to sports.

“I see a resurgence for the excitement for the band,” band teacher Bill Buzza said. After the All-City Band Concert on March 22, many of the audience members were amazed by the professional demeanor and talent the children from grades 5 to 12 had to show at Edward Little High School. The high school’s band was lead by Buzza, who explained “there’s a lack of interest” in the band, which “is not as popular as it used to be.” With all the negatives, there must be some positivity for the band.

Why And How You Should Vote

Voter registration cards like these are available at City Hall or at your polling place. Courtesy of maine.gov

Voter registration cards like this are available at City Hall or your polling place. (Courtesy of maine.gov)

by Sydnee Harris, ’16

Another presidential voting year is upon us. But for most Millennials, voting never crosses their mind. Some aren’t even sure how to register—something I discovered when discussing the local election with some of my friends. Surprisingly, 37 percent say that their vote doesn’t really matter, and a staggering 55 percent say there are better ways of getting your point across. Voting is the most effective way for your voice as a citizen to be heard, and if things aren’t going the way you prefer, not voting won’t help it at all.

The Struggles of Being a Girl

By Danica Nadeau, ’15

Women have been fighting to be treated equally for decades. We can't give up the fight. We have to keep fighting harder to make sure we don't get looked over anymore.

Women have been fighting to be treated equally for decades. We can’t give up the fight. We have to keep fighting harder to make sure we don’t get overlooked anymore.

Women are more than just objects, but in today’s society, often all we are viewed by is our level of attractiveness. Today, it is common to hear men saying, “I like curvy women,” or “I enjoy thick women,” or “I prefer skinny ladies.” Women fail to be acknowledged for their personality and successes.

As a senior in high school, I have never, and by never I seriously mean never ever, heard a male say, “She is very funny and nice, I want to get with her.” However I have heard, “She is so hot, I gotta hook up with that.” How is that possibly considered socially acceptable? Newsflash, “gentlemen,” it isn’t. It may be difficult to realize, but being a woman in today’s society is exceedingly more difficult than what we might allude to. We are constantly judged by the way we dress and the way we present ourselves and it is impossible to please everyone, no matter how much we may desire to.

Is Spirit Week Necessary?

By Danica Nadeau, 15′

Senior Luke Sterling gets a boost at this year's Spirit Week.

Senior Luke Sterling gets a boost at this year’s Spirit Week.

From hallway decorations to the different arrange of colors walking through the halls, spirit week is a week for teenagers to be teenagers. At Edward Little High School, we take spirit week seriously, and even though it’s a week that is not totally focused on academics, I can say that with definite confidence that it has a positive impact on the school community.

With the big bad seniors wearing black and conquering the halls, you always have the juniors tagging along trying to steal the ghost, the sophomores stepping up their game, and the freshmen just beginning to get the feel of how Edward Little tackles this crazy week. Even though spirit week shows everyone’s competitive side, it also is a time that the school community bonds and becomes stronger. Spirit week doesn’t just allow teenagers to have fun; it also allows classes to work together to become closer.

New School Rules a Burden

By Kirstyn Pelletier, ’16

School rules have changed this year, and I feel like they’ve made kids dislike school more than they did; if they did.

Flappy, The Bird That Can’t Fly

Flappy Bird drivers user's mad

Flappy Bird drives user’s mad

If you claim to not know what Flappy Bird is, you’re lying. We all know about that stupid, frustrating yellow bird (that now changes colors each round) that you’re supposed to help fly between the pipes. Well, I have a few things to say to you Mr. Flappy Bird, but I have to censor it a tad because of the rules.

The idea of the game is to tap the screen to get Flappy to fly and you have to avoid hitting the pipes or the ground and for every set of pipes you make it through, you get a point. Keep in mind, Flappy seems to be one sensitive bird and is practically drawn to the pipes.

I’m sorry, Flappy, but I’m trying to help you fly and you’d think you would help me out a little. Seeing as you have like all this space in between the two pipes, I don’t see why you’re having such a hard time getting your tiny little birdy form through.