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Songwriting, Life, and “Staying Zach”: The Budding Career of Student Musician Zacharie Hurd

By Trevor Laliberte, ’16

Zacharie Hurd, a junior at Edward Little High School, was born in Haiti. He’s over six feet tall, a black belt in karate, and most importantly, he’s a compassionate, principled person. He started writing music when he was ten and from the beginning, crafting meaningful lyrics has been Hurd’s focus. 

“I’ll never write a song unless it has a subject matter,” Hurd explains. “I don’t like to talk about frivolous things,”  he said, deep in thought about his songwriting process. Finding a subject that means something to him is both a challenge and an adventure. That’s what sets him apart from the many rappers in the music industry today. While a lot of mainstream rappers talk about their expensive cars, alcohol, drugs, or women, Hurd earns respect with songs about issues with material possessions, his religion and spirituality, or just staying positive and having a good day.

Local Hardcore Rocks Naral’s

By Bryan Koester

Pariah performs at Naral's on Court Street on Sept. 27.

Pariah performs at Naral’s on Court Street on Sept. 27.

Almost everyone listens to music, whether it’s their favorite blues jam or their dance and party playlist, but some of us prefer to listen to live music, right in front of us. I’m one of those people, and I know plenty of others at Edward Little who enjoy their favorite songs played right in front of them. On Sept. 27, I got my first taste of Maine’s local music with a free show at Naral’s.