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Letter to the Editor: Community Service a Burden, Better Options Available

I completely agree with Bryan Koester’s article on community service (“Community Service: A Benefit or a Detriment?” Nov. 22). The idea of community service is to take the time we want to volunteer and give back to the community. But is a requirement to graduate still considered volunteer work? I personally found it hard to make time for community service with the busy schedule I have.

All through high school I have had to make time for so many things and that got hard. This year is my senior year in high school and I had to rule something out to make time for my new job as a nursing assistant. So first on my list to go was cheerleading. I have been a cheerleader for four years. With balancing school, homework, working, making time for friends and family, and also helping out around the house, I couldn’t continue the sport. Now, imagine my surprise when I forgot I had to do 24 hours of community service my senior year, as well.

Letter to the Editor: Icy Roads but No Delayed Start?

What do you guys think about this weather? Do you think it’s safe to drive to school? I personally don’t think it’s safe to drive to school when the weather is how it was the morning of Monday, Dec. 2. It was icy and very hard to drive in.