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Freshmen Fundraising Failure: Black Lights Burn Out

by Bilal Hussein, ’18

“Fundraising is very crucial,” said Oliver Hall of the black-light dance that was set for Friday, March 4, but was subsequently cancelled due to low ticket sales.

According to Hall, a former presidential contender for the Class of 2019 and now a member of the Freshman Executive Board, the dance was cancelled “because not enough students bought advanced tickets.” The Executive Board was pressured to make a tough call, either continue holding the dance, with the risk of no students partaking in the event, or totally cancel the dance. They ultimately decided if they held the dance, there was no guarantee they would actually make money.”We wanted to make sure we made a profit,” Hall said.

Wind Walkers Raises Money for Edward Little

by Noah Libby, ’16

Boston-based metalcore band Wind Walkers performed at Sapphire Club recently to raise money for the Project Graduation. The fundraiser was organized by Trevor Laliberte, a student at Edward Little High School.

Lunchbox Fund Scores with Student Teacher Basketball Game

By Haley Knowlton, ’17

The Lunch Box Fund, a student group that raises funding to send school meals to students in Africa, put on a basketball fundraiser Friday night and raised $275 for the organization.

English teacher Jennifer Braunfels, the staff advisor to the Lunch Box Fund, headed up the search to find staff members and students to participate with all proceeds going to the organization.

“It was easy to recruit players for both teams. I just had to send an email to all of the staff and the students heard about it over the announcements along with word of mouth. We had about thirty kids sign up who wanted to play,” Braunfels said.

Pies for a Cause

Edward Little students got a second opportunity to throw pies at teachers, as English teacher Jen Braunfels’ American Literature class hosted another pie throwing fundraiser. The event raised funds for the Edward Little food pantry and the Lunchbox Fund, an organization that provides daily meals to students in South Africa. Yesterday’s event raised $97 for the two organizations.