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Ask an Eddie: Future Idols, Friends in Love, and Finding Time

Yeah that’s right, I’m still here! You all still get to hear my wonderful and blunt advice! Anyway, welcome to the Eddies Advice column. Ask anything you wish and it will be answered! Want to know how to do that math problem you just can’t seem to solve? Ask An Eddie! (Eddies Echo is not responsible for wrong answers). Need to know how to get yourself organized for that upcoming test? Ask An Eddie! Let’s have some fun, send us whatever you want to know! Email us at AskAnEddie@gmail.com or leave a comment below!

1) Dear Eddies Advice,

Everyone in my family  is telling me to go on American a Idol when I’m 16 and that I will make it but I’m not sure what to do. They all say I’m a great singer. I. Think I’m good but I have slight stage fright. I don’t like having all eyes on me but I think I should do it. What do you think?

-The Apparently Talented

Ask an Eddie: Peer Pressure, Teacher Opinions, and Family Conflicts

Hey you! I can see you glancing at this article debating on what to click on. You better be clicking on this. It’s getting real! Welcome to the sixth edition of Ask an Eddie. Where we strive to help our fellow classmates with both school and personal issues. Let’s get weird guys, just ask any questions you want! Forgot how to tie your shoes? Ask An Eddie! Don’t know how to confront a friend? Ask An Eddie! Struggling with keeping organized? Ask An Eddie! Everything is anonymous unless permission granted otherwise. Leave a comment below or email us as AskAnEddie@gmail.com. You can do it!

1) Dear Eddies Advice,

    I’ve been struggling with a lot of peer pressure lately. My friends have been pushing me to join them on the weekends to go to a friend’s house. I know what they do there and I don’t like it at all, but I can tell my friends are getting mad at me for being busy each time. I’m running out of excuses, but I don’t want them to hate me. What do I do?

-Feeling Pressured

Ask an Eddie: Seniors Seriously Scared and Student’s Self-Consciousness

By Ashley Bowden, ’14

Oh, hello there friend, didn’t see you there. Welcome to the fifth edition of Ask and Eddie! It’s a new semester and we’ve got new advice for you, well it’s always new, but you know what I mean. Don’t be shy, send in a question! Struggling with keeping up with all your classes? Ask An Eddie! Don’t know how to deal with a friend? Ask An Eddie! We invite any and all questions. Just leave a comment below or send an email to AskAnEddie@gmail.com everything will remain anonymous unless permission granted otherwise. Read on, and I hope this advice is helpful.


1) Dear Eddies Advice,

Now that it’s the new semester I’ve finally realized how close the end of my senior year is and I’m freaking out. I’m just not ready to leave this school and be on my own in a way. Do you have any advice to help me relax?

-A Scared Senior

Ask an Eddie

Welcome to the second edition of Ask An Eddie! Thank you all for your questions and we hope we can be of some kind of service to you all. We have an email in which you can send your questions to and just as before everything will remain completely anonymous unless permission granted from the sender. Please feel free to send us an email anytime asking any kinds of questions you please. Having relationship troubles? Ask an Eddie! Struggled with managing your study time? Ask an Eddie! We welcome all questions and would love to help out our fellow classmates! Send questions to AskAnEddie@gmail.com or leave them in the comments below.

Eddies Advice: Your Guide to Relationships, School, and…underwear.

Welcome to the first installment of the Eddies Echo advice column! All questions are welcome, whether they are about school or anything else, serious or not. All questions will be posted anonymously unless permission is given for a name to be included. You can put your questions in the comments or privately contact Mackenzie Tufts (kenziethebassist@gmail.com), or Ashley Bowden (ashley.bowden666@gmail.com). Don’t be shy, we just want to help!

Dear Eddies Advice,

My girlfriend just dumped me because her friends make fun of her for dating me. She said she’d rather keep her friends. Is she shallow? She wants to remain friends with me now. Should I?