Sudden Retirement Creates Opportunity for Gray

By Haley Knowlton, ’17

Shortly before Christmas break, social studies teacher Art Feely gave his retirement notice after a long absence. School administrators didn’t have to go farther than the English wing for Feely’s permanent replacement. English teacher Erik Gray requested to take over Feely’s position.

“I was sad about Mr. Feely’s retirement because I really enjoyed working with him. We talked all the time about teaching, he was very passionate,” Gray said. “When I heard about the opening in the history department I asked to be considered.”

Gray had many responsibilities to leave behind, not just as an English teacher, but also as a mass customized learning and literacy coach. He also left behind two classes of ninth graders that are currently being taught by other ninth grade English teachers. He partnered with English teacher Amanda Martemucci to teach an eleventh grade war literature class, which Martemucci will continue.

Gray said leaving his classes was hard. “They were a great groups of kids,” he said.

He now teaches world history and economics along with taking over Feely’s lunchroom duty.

Gray, who has been a MCL and literacy coach for the past few years, is happy to get back into the classroom full time. “I wanted to become a full time teacher and because I love teaching history, I felt moving to the history department was my best chance at becoming a full time teacher,” Gray said. “My new classes, I believe, are the best in the building. I’ve gotten to know my students and have really enjoyed working with them so far.

“Now my responsibilities focus solely on my students and I have really high hopes they will leave my classes as better thinkers.”


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