Students Get Dose of Reality at Mock Accident

By Ashley Bowden, ’14

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ELHS strives to show students the dangers of drinking and driving by teaming with a full team of local first responders, even a medical helicopter, to make his Mock Accident as realistic as possible

Every two years, during prom season, Edward Little High School conducts their annual Mock Accident. The program recreates a fatal accident to show students the consequences of drinking and driving. Last week, as students came upon the dramatic accident scene in the lower parking lot, they saw two wrecked vehicles, one flipped on its roof, with multiple students injured and one lying “dead” on the asphalt, covered in fake blood.

“It was very realistic,” said senior Brei Cote. “Definitely showed people the reality of what can happen if you drink and drive. It’s no longer a joke.”

Local police, firemen, and paramedics were called in to show students what an accident scene is really like. Paramedics treated the actors as they would at a real crash scene. One victim, senior Kory Norcross, was even flown away on a medical helicopter.

“Most people have never seen an accident in their life,” said senior Tyler Berube, “and even though it was fake, it represented most real drunk driving accidents.”

As the presentation went on, one driver, junior Ryan Jones, was arrested after failing a field sobriety

After the accident portion of the presentation, the students attended a “funeral” for the accident victim, senior Mariah Carroll, in the gym and emotion ran high. “It was so real and a very good way to show what could actually happen,” said senior Amber Lauze. “I even had to kind of remind myself they were all acting. When Mr.Galway was choking up during his speech, it made me realize how important this is to him and the school.”

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