Student Safety Worth Less Than Sports Glory?

by Alex Lally, ’14

Last Saturday, the Edward Little High School track & field team had a track meet at Colby College in Waterville and it was the worst Saturday of my life. When I woke up, I thought the meet was going to be cancelled due to rain and icy roads.

However, I got a text from my coach saying the meet was still on. Washington St. was covered in ice and my car was sliding all over the road. Our bus was ten minutes late and five of our guys couldn’t show up due to bad roads.

The highway wasn’t too bad, but the worst was yet to come. When we finally got off the highway in Waterville, we were on the road to Colby, but something terrible happened. The boys bus crashed into snow due to bad ice. Luckily, nobody was hurt, but we had to walk to the gym in the storming hail. The meet itself was a mess, as only two other teams showed up out of five (Not counting EL). Truly, it had to been the worst meets I’ve ever been a part of and it’s the athletics offices’ fault.

I can’t comprehend the fact that they cancelled our first meet of the year during the ice storm a few weeks back but not on this day. I believe that making sure the students are safe is better than just going to a sports event in terrible weather and road conditions. I’m angry that the boys team was almost seriously injured on the way to a pointless track meet at which half the teams didn’t even show up. Most of all I’m mad at the athletic office for not canceling the meet.

In conclusion, I feel that the athletic office should be more concerned for the safety of the students. A track meet isn’t worth students’ lives.


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