Snapchat: Where Immature Teenagers can be Themselves

By Ashley Bowden, ’14

Ah, yes, Snapchat. Almost every teen out there knows what this is, whether they love it or hate it. It’s a simple concept really. You take a picture and can write a caption or draw on it, set a timer for one to ten seconds and send it to your friends. Is it kind of ridiculous? Sure. But hey, we’re teenagers, ridiculous is what we do.

Snapchat isn’t something where there is a gray area for an opinion. You either love it or hate it. Is it used inappropriately and at the wrong times? Sometimes. Once again though, we’re teenagers and the whole idea of knowing the picture will disappear once that timer runs out is pretty tempting.

Now I know that sometimes it can get annoying and sometimes teachers want us to put the device down and learn, but it’s a fun way to interact with friends quickly and easily. There are some who use it the way it was intended and even those who don’t use it that way, let them make their own mistakes. The best you can do is warn them.

As a writer and having works published online, I have gained a following of people from all over the world and grown close to a special few of them. My internet best friend lives over in the Netherlands and is six hours ahead of my time, so it’s hard to match up our schedules between school and weekend activities to find the time to chat online. With Snapchat, though, we can keep in touch and just randomly let the other know what we’re up to. Snapchat helps me connect with a lot of my friends that I would normally have to send a message to and wait several hours just to hear something back.

I don’t feel that people are stupid or annoying for using this app because I’m in no place to judge what people like to do. Sure there are times where I roll my eyes at them for using it in class or just something, but big deal. Their picture isn’t going to affect my life.

For those who love Snapchat, good for you, just be safe. For those who hate it, fine, but don’t nag me for enjoying something because I’m pretty sure you probably do something that annoys me, too.

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