Prom 2014: The Last Thing We Need is More Winter

By Vada Ritchie, ’15

The junior class is getting a jump start on planning this year’s prom. Juniors came up with the ideas of Luau Night, Arabian Night, Winter Wonderland, and Alice in Wonderland. Last week, seniors voted and Winter Wonderland won the majority.

Prom is in April this year, April is not winter, and there is a great chance that there will not be snow on the ground on prom night. This is why Winter Wonderland is my least favorite. Although Winter Wonderland has been chosen for this years prom theme, I’m wishing that we were having a Luau night. I don’t believe Winter Wonderland is as fun or exciting as the other choices. What are we going to do in a Winter Wonderland? Go sledding and have snowball fights? Won’t we have just done that for five months anyway? This is Maine, after all.

The Luau idea, is personally my favorite. I think that it would have looked awesome and have been a blast. This theme also would have been pretty inexpensive. Fake palm trees, flower necklaces and plastic flamingos would not cost that much money. Of course, other decorations and props would be set up but Luau would have been the most fun, in my opinion. We could have done hula dances and limbo contests and plastic coconut cups with umbrella straws!

Each of the themes would have taken a lot of effort and commitment, but I believe the theme that would have needed the most people and support would have been Alice in Wonderland. The decorations and props would have taken a while compared to Winter Wonderland or a Luau. If it was pulled off and done right, it could have been a really neat and beautiful theme. Luckily, we don’t have to worry about the money and effort that would have had to gone into this theme. Thank God we don’t have this theme because I’m not sure if the junior class could even afford it (no offense to my own class).

Arabian Night is the same situation with Alice in Wonderland. If the junior class had more money, this theme would have been phenomenal. However, this theme would have been boring as well. The only activity I can think of doing in this theme would be belly dancing. That might not work too well with prom dresses.  This theme consists of rugs everywhere, which also wouldn’t work because everyone would be dancing and tripping on the rugs.

All the ideas are unique and creative. Even though the most exciting and more fun theme wasn’t chosen, prom will hopefully still be a blast and a fun night. Winter Wonderland will hopefully be very beautiful, too, with snowflakes and pure white decorations. I believe that with the crew the junior class has, prom will still be beautiful and memorable night.


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