Print Quota: Budget Low, Waste Management High

By Warsame Mohamed, ’15

This year, Edward Little High School implemented a print quota for students for the first time. The quota, ten pages a week per student, is designed to prevent students from wasting paper and encourage more paperless work on the iPads.  

“It was a way to stop people from wasting paper and become more digital,” said Calvin Hunter, technology coordinator, “because last year many people would go to a web site and print the whole site instead of just the pages they needed.” He also saw a lot of “nonsense printing,” such as re-printing an entire document to fix a minor mistake.

The reduced budget for supplies was also a major factor. In past years, the budget for supplies at EL was $27,000, but this year was cut to $5,000. In years past, the school spent $7,000 on just paper, $2,000 more than the entire current budget..

Students will have to plan ahead of time if they need to print beyond their weekly quota. “One of the cons for this new quota is that people would have to see myself, or Ms. Twiss, before printing something [beyond their allotted amount]. He encourages students  to use some of the new paperless apps on the iPad, such as eBackpack, to save paper and money. “We now charge 10 cents for every paper printed [beyond the quota], and they must see us before getting it printed,” said Hunter.

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