Pinterest: The Image of Addiction

imageNever has gathering a collection of pictures been this addicting. Pinterest, the online pinboard chronicling user interests, has grown into a prime destination on the web. It’s a place where creativity is most prominent and greatly admired.

Lately, I’ve been on Pinterest, the latest obsession for teens and adults both. This website is hard to explain, mainly because it’s use varies from person to person. Businesses can use it as a marketing tool, teachers can use it as a means of visual teaching, and the average person might use it for just about anything for example a board of favorite flowers or future dorm room plans, or just maybe a board of vintage art.

The website allows you to pin pictures of any sort onto virtual boards. Think of boards as folders, where you can file away pictures, or virtual cork boards where you can organize your interests. There is no limit to how many boards one can make. You can customize your boards to fit your latest wants, future travels, art inspiration, or just about anything your mind and heart desire. Let’s say you wanted to get a gift for your mom and wanted gift ideas, or you were wondering how to make an Oreo popsicle, or you wanted to know the best restaurants to eat at in New York City,whatever it might be odds are there a picture of it.

There isn’t much communicating with others, other than following them. By following others, you can become aware of their pins, leading users to new aspects of their interests. Whenever someone pins a new picture, you are able to view all of the pictures on your home page. No two profiles are alike. People’s personalities differ, and given a platform where they can place certain pictures into categories that they create, it is not going to be similar to anyone else’s. There’s no specific way to design your profile, it can be filled with anything. The deciding factor is you.

One of the best features I love about Pinterest is that you can pin pictures from anywhere online, and later that picture makes it easier to reference back to the original website. The main thing I use Pinterest for is school organization. I have found amazing techniques and strategies for studying and time management. Such as what websites are best for math help, like, or how to organize my books, and tips for finals. I have found that Pinterest is a great educational tool.

Quickly, Pinterest becomes addictive; several pins can turn into hours of spent time. You’ll find one picture that attracts your eye and than another and another. It takes less than a few minutes to make an account, and afterwards you’re all set to start pinning. There is even an app that makes it easier to pin from anywhere.

Join the pinning community and experience Pinterest for yourself. Utilize the many aspects that make it one of a kind.

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