Wind Walkers Raises Money for Edward Little

by Noah Libby, ’16

Boston-based metalcore band Wind Walkers performed at Sapphire Club recently to raise money for the Project Graduation. The fundraiser was organized by Trevor Laliberte, a student at Edward Little High School.

ELHS students participate in March Mania activities

By Avery Goulding, ’19

The Red Eddies hosted the student-staff dodgeball game on the second day of March Mania. Students cheered on their classmates as they built school spirit and battled for bragging rights.

Why And How You Should Vote

Voter registration cards like these are available at City Hall or at your polling place. Courtesy of

Voter registration cards like this are available at City Hall or your polling place. (Courtesy of

by Sydnee Harris, ’16

Another presidential voting year is upon us. But for most Millennials, voting never crosses their mind. Some aren’t even sure how to register—something I discovered when discussing the local election with some of my friends. Surprisingly, 37 percent say that their vote doesn’t really matter, and a staggering 55 percent say there are better ways of getting your point across. Voting is the most effective way for your voice as a citizen to be heard, and if things aren’t going the way you prefer, not voting won’t help it at all.

Voting: An Infantile Disorder

by Isaac Peachey, ’16

As the presidential election approaches, many young voters are preparing to cast a ballot for the first time. By supporting the candidate of their choice, some teens genuinely believe that they will make a difference. This upcoming election, more so than others, will be a very important year for those who lean toward reformism. With issues such as universal healthcare, mass incarceration, police brutality, war, and education, there is a collective wish to finally witness a change in the system. However, the unfortunate truth is that voting is an act of futility.

Eddies Rally for the Success of 2016 Winter Sports

by Sydnee Harris, ’16

The Eddies have had a fantastic winter season.

A pep rally was held last Friday to congratulate and highlight our teams’ many successes, including the Girl’s Indoor Track state championship, a state championship game for Girls Basketball (which ultimately lost and placed second), a first place title in KVAC Class A slalom skiing by senior Brooke Lever, a first place title in KVACs for Girls Alpine Skiing, a state championship for boys alpine skiing, boys and girls state titles in slalom for sophomore Maxx Bell and senior Brooke Lever, respectively, and a semifinalist slot for the Boys Hockey team. During the rally, the Unified Basketball Team, which blends regular education and special education students, played and won an exhibition game against the Girls Basketball Team.


The Pulse

The question today is inspired by the fact that some students feel that they need more time in the morning to sleep and to get ready.

“Assuming that school had to be open for six hours, what hours would you choose?”




The Pulse

by Maureen Brann, ’18

The Eddies Echo will be starting a new feature today, The Pulse, in which staff members survey students about a topic of interest to the school community. The question today is inspired by the recent announcement that long-time ELHS principal Jimmy Miller will be retiring after 41 years. Click on the photos below to see student responses.

“What qualities or characteristics would you like to see in a new principal?”

Delorme Leaving EL to Join Peace Corps

by Michaila Wilmot, ’17


Social studies teacher Jonathan Delorme is leaving ELHS at the end of the year to travel to Morocco with the Peace Corps. (Photo by Noah Libby)

Jonathan Delorme, a first year social studies teacher at Edward Little High School, is leaving at the end of this year to join the Peace Corps to work on Youth Development in Morocco. Delorme graduated from the University of Farmington in 2015, and previously graduated from E.L in 2011. He teaches freshman social studies and sophomore world history. 

ELHS Favorite Panthers Lose Super Bowl

by Abdifitah Hussein, ’19

Josh Norman cries at the end of Super Bowl 50 (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez).

Josh Norman cries at the end of Super Bowl 50 (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez).

On Sunday, Feb. 7, the 17-1 Carolina Panthers, lead by their young and energetic quarterback Cam Newton, faced off against Peyton Manning and the 14-4 Denver Broncos and ultimately lost the game 10-24. The Denver Broncos won behind their top-ranked defense, which held the league’s top scoring offense to only 10 points and forced four turnovers. 

ASD Introduces New Medical Marijuana Policy

by Kara-Lynn Valliere, ’16, and Noah Libby, ’16

Due to a new medical marijuana policy, students with a certificate will be able to consume the drug during school.

Due to a new medical marijuana policy, students with a certificate will be able to consume the drug during school.

In response to a recently passed state law, a new medical marijuana policy is being introduced in the Auburn School District to help students suffering with conditions such as cancer, attention deficit disorder, and epilepsy.