Of Fortune and Fame Return with Strong Split EP

By Trevor Laliberte

Of Fortune & Fame/The Traditional – Split EP


Of Fortune & Fame are putting out music for the first time in a year, and that in itself is a reason to be excited for this release. The Syracuse-based pop-punk group established themselves last year with their EP, “Perspective.” The band’s high energy songs are flavored with catchy lyrics as well as plentiful vocal and guitar harmonies.

Of Fortune and Fame and The Traditional weave together an excellent new release.

Of Fortune and Fame and The Traditional weave together an excellent new release.

This time around, they’ve evolved musically. Their two songs on the split EP, “You Blew It!” and “No, You Didn’t” sound like a new and improved extension of “Perspective.” “No, You Didn’t” even includes an impressive guitar solo, something hard to find in most pop-punk songs. In general, this band has a clear sound, and they deserve all the exposure they can get.

Being that this is a “split” release, it’s not all about Of Fortune & Fame. They teamed up with The Traditional, another pop-punk group from Buffalo, New York. The amazing thing about Split EPs is that listeners typically get to hear a band they like, and then they’re introduced to another one they’ve never heard of. The Traditional, whom I had never listened to until the day of this release, are certainly worth checking out.

The Traditional’s songs aren’t as fast, and they appear to be more mellow, but they really pack a punch. “Perks of Being Alive” is a beautifully crafted song, lyrically and musically, even though it’s structured very much in the style of a pop song, clocking in at around three minutes and about half of that is filled with repeating the chorus.

“You and Your Friends…” is trying to be an emotional experience for everyone. The lyrics talk about getting in fights and not exactly being proud of it, but even if a person can’t connect with the content, the three-quarter time, another unusual element in a lot of pop-punk, will pull at the listener and provoke some head bobbing. The almost consistent background yelling is what makes it raw, honest, and heavy, and not just another pop-punk ballad.

The entire EP is weaved together perfectly, and both groups have enough differences and similarities to make this a well balanced work of art. Anyone looking for new music should give this a chance. It’s available for streaming or purchase at http://offortuneandfame.bandcamp.com.

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