New School Rules a Burden

By Kirstyn Pelletier, ’16

School rules have changed this year, and I feel like they’ve made kids dislike school more than they did; if they did.

The rule that if you’re late to school, you get a detention is a bit harsh. Kids sometimes can’t help it if they’re late.

School doors don’t open until 7:15 now, and that isn’t a great thing. Some students’ parents work early and have to drop their kids off before the doors open. In the fall and spring that may be fine, but what about when winter comes along? The kids will have to wait outside in the freezing cold and snow. The doors should be open early like they usually are so kids can stay warm while waiting for others to arrive at school. If they need more staff around, have a willing staff member come in early and watch the early kids until others arrive at school.

Some of the new rules are a great idea, but I feel like some of the others need to be changed again, because not all of the rules are fair to students and their rights.

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