Lunchbox Fund Scores with Student Teacher Basketball Game

By Haley Knowlton, ’17

The Lunch Box Fund, a student group that raises funding to send school meals to students in Africa, put on a basketball fundraiser Friday night and raised $275 for the organization.

English teacher Jennifer Braunfels, the staff advisor to the Lunch Box Fund, headed up the search to find staff members and students to participate with all proceeds going to the organization.

“It was easy to recruit players for both teams. I just had to send an email to all of the staff and the students heard about it over the announcements along with word of mouth. We had about thirty kids sign up who wanted to play,” Braunfels said.

A number of staff members participated in the game, including Assistant Principal Sarah DeLuca, teachers Brian Dimitri, Craig Latuscha, Nathaniel Stowe, and guidance counselor Christina Cifelli.

Some of the students that played were sophomores Craig Jipson and Alex Merchant, junior Austin Cox, and seniors Elijah Rowe and Luke Sterling.

The student team took control of the ball after tip off. Stowe grabbed the rebound and passed the ball to Cifelli and she drained a two pointer, putting the teachers on the score board first. The student’s first basket followed quickly after, with Jipson’s two-pointer. Ms. DeLuca tries and falls short of earning another basket for the teachers. The teachers gain one point in foul shots, the foul being against Luke Sterling. Right after the payers switch in the teachers gain another basket thanks to Mrs. Whiting. The students got robbed of three baskets by having the ball just roll right around the rim and falling out. But  Cox scored a three pointer for the students. But Stowe struck back with another two points for the teachers.

Cox sunk a foul shot and Rowe followed the lead and scores with a reverse lay-up. Seconds before the players switched out again, Dimitri sunk a three pointer. The end of the first period saw the teachers leading with a score of 12-7.

Senior Bryce Gibson had a two pointer just seconds into second quarter. Latuscha converted two points off Dimitri’s rebound. Mr. Latuscha drains another basket. The student team scored a three shortly after. Mr. Latuscha for another three points. Mr. Stowe comes down the court and passes to Mrs. Chafelli, but she passed it directly back to Mr. Stowe because she got cornered and the teachers score. Stowe covered by three students manages to sink a basket for two points. The students gain another two points before the buzzer sound making the score 24-15, teachers still leading at the end of the second period.

During halftime the Lunch Box Fund has guest speaker Moninda Marube, a professional runner, talk about the struggles he faced in Africa. In Africa you run from poverty, illiteracy and corruption, he said. He also explained the first ten month struggle he faced in America – in human trafficking. “I knew having him speak would make the game more meaningful and remind everyone why they were playing,” Braunfels said.

The second half starts off with the student team in possession, which Sterling turned into two points. Rowe followed Sterling’s lead scoring another basket. The students scored another eleven points afterward all in the first five minutes of period three.

The teachers finally got their groove back after Latuscha drained a three, followed by another six points for the teachers with two minutes left. Sophomore Abdi Yonis quickly scored a three of his own. Stowe had some fancy foot work going down the court and scored a two and drained another three directly after. The third period ending with a score of 38-34, teachers still in the lead.

The fourth period started off with Dimitri quickly on the ground by getting jammed between students. Elijah Rowe with foul on substitute Mr. Aldrich, who sunk the second foul shot. Sterling scored an answering basket but then the teachers finally start scoring with two points. Yonis sunk a basket, then DeLuca scored two for the teachers after a pass from Latuscha. The student team responded by scoring five more. Latuscha stepped up to the foul line, earning two point for the teachers. The students head down court and Elijah Rowe gets another two points. The teachers scored six points before the student team’s Gibson drained a two right before the buzzer, but it wasn’t enough, with the teachers winning 54-50.

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