Local Hardcore Rocks Naral’s

By Bryan Koester

Pariah performs at Naral's on Court Street on Sept. 27.

Pariah performs at Naral’s on Court Street on Sept. 27.

Almost everyone listens to music, whether it’s their favorite blues jam or their dance and party playlist, but some of us prefer to listen to live music, right in front of us. I’m one of those people, and I know plenty of others at Edward Little who enjoy their favorite songs played right in front of them. On Sept. 27, I got my first taste of Maine’s local music with a free show at Naral’s.

If you’re one of the crowd that enjoys local concerts, I insist you check out Naral’s on Court Street here in Auburn.When I got my first taste, they had a local hardcore show featuring Story’s and Morals, Slackjaw, Forget the Night, Pariah, and Fates Last Fight. All in all, the show was purely amazing.

I’ve been to dozens of shows back in California and I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting much. However, I was blown away by the energy of these bands, right after complimenting the vocalist for Forget the Night on his performance and stage presence, he told me it was his first show!

I was dazzled by the diversity and talent of these guys, Storys and Morals is an acoustic indie one man band, and I was surprised to see that Storys and Morals was, not only the solo guitarist and singer for his solo project, but also the drummer and the second vocalist for Forget the Night.

If you’re looking for a good show, I’d recommend going to one of the local shows at Naral’s, even if you don’t like the genre of music, these bands will get you dancing along.

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