“Links” Inspire Kindness at EL

By Ashley Bowden, ’14

Science teacher Kim Finnerty works on adding another segment to the Links of Kindness chain that is now close to wrapping around the entire first floor.

Science teacher Kim Finnerty works on adding another segment to the Links of Kindness chain that is now close to wrapping around the entire first floor.

For the past few weeks, science teacher Kim Finnerty has been working on a project called Links of Kindness, an activity in which students and staff have been asked to write a kind thought about someone or something on a piece of construction paper and they are being combined to make a one long chain, a chain she is working on wrapping around the entire school.

“I believe that each day it is important to remember the good things,” Finnerty said. “During this time of year everyone gets so very busy, we often forget to hold the door open for the person behind us or say ‘excuse me’ when we bump into someone. I wanted to make sure I took time to be kind and I thought we all could use this.”

Freshman Mackenzie Tufts likes the impact it has on the student body. “I think the links of kindness was a really sweet idea,” she said. “People are usually more eager to be mean to others than to say nice things, so I think it makes them a little more positive.”

Kindness is a simple behavior that’s marked by ethical characteristics. It shows concern for others and is what makes us human beings. “I definitely think that it has had a tremendous effect on the students and staff,” Finnerty said.

These links are made out of love and whether it be something personal directed to someone or just a general statement, they are spreading joy. Finnerty said, “I think that reading the links makes everyone smile. It does the heart good to read kind statements.”

“I haven’t actually read any, but I like hearing people tell each other they wrote about them,” Tufts said.

The links give the readers a moment to feel special, even if it’s not directed towards them because they have the chance to read something kind. “I feel as if it’s one of those things that give people a little moment. One where they’re able to just appreciate,” said senior Brittany Hall.

When the goal was made to loop the links around the entire first floor, students didn’t waste any time working toward the goal. The links are almost complete, and will hopefully reach the goal today.

“It’s amazing!” Finnerty said. “I am so proud of everyone. They have all stepped up and made this possible. I started it, but it is the staff and students that have made it successful.”

 “I am so very thankful to them for creating the links of kindness and sharing their kind thoughts with everyone,” Finnerty said. “I have a few favorites. ‘Everyone is as unique and beautiful as a snowflake.’ ‘If you were an item on a McDonalds menu, you would be McGorgeous.’ And I love the ones that are personal. ‘Even though you live in Winthrop, you are always there for me and we will always be best friends.’”

Students were excited about the project.“I feel like [the Links of Kindness] are pretty cool,” said Hall.“It gets people interacting, and it seems the entire school is into it and that’s important.”

       “Society has these expectation for teens or anyone really that bring people down,” said senior Brei Cote. “We are surrounded by all this hate and no one knows what someone goes through on a day-to-day basis, so I think these links show that there is a little hope still in humanity that we have the capability to be kind. I think reading something kind, directed at you or not, can boost someone’s self esteem and make them feel important in life, even if just for a little while.”

UPDATE: By the end of the school day Friday, the chain made its way around the entire first floor and then some, stretching almost a third of the way around the school again.

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