Letter to the Editor: Icy Roads but No Delayed Start?

What do you guys think about this weather? Do you think it’s safe to drive to school? I personally don’t think it’s safe to drive to school when the weather is how it was the morning of Monday, Dec. 2. It was icy and very hard to drive in. 

I don’t understand why Auburn always makes all these rules up and never applies them. They said they were going to start doing two hour delays in bad weather, why didn’t they do that today?

It’s so dangerous driving in Auburn with all these hills going up to the school, no matter which way I take to school, I will be going up a hill no matter what. My opinion is that if there’s more than four inches of snow there should at least be a delay or a snow day. Today we had four inches of snow. Auburn is so spread out, it has 65 square miles that they need to plow and sand. From talking to my friend who takes the bus he said he didn’t feel to safe driving on the bus in that weather especially without seatbelt on.

– Henry Nguyen, ’14


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