Latest Remake of “Annie” Hits a High Note

By Kirstyn Pelletier ’16

"Annie" is a great experience for fans of musicals.

“Annie” is a great experience for fans of musicals.

“Annie” is a popular musical movie about an orphan girl who gets the chance of a lifetime when the richest man in the world invites her to his home for a few weeks, then ends up adopting her.

This movie has had two remakes. The original “Annie” was released in 1982,with little redhead Aileen Quinn playing the singing orphan. The first remake released in 1999 featured Alicia Morton as “Annie,” the curly red hair now a red bob. This version has a lot more singing than the original.

The newest version, released last month, featured Quvenzhané Wallis as Annie. Annie in this version was not an orphan, but a foster kid. This version was definitely a music-filled movie, much more so than the 1999 version. Almost every few minutes someone was breaking out into song.

The movie was really cute, and since I’m into music I really enjoyed it. If your not into musicals this movie probably isn’t for you. Annie is definitely popular for kids and young teens. Even adults would enjoy this movie, though. Miss Hannigan was played by Cameron Diaz, and Mr. Stacks was played by Jamie Foxx. Some of the songs sung are in the original movie, like “Tomorrow,” “Maybe,” and “I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here.” It also featured some new songs such as “The City’s Yours,” “Opportunity,” and “Who Am I.” Everyone in the theater will be singing the classic songs for sure. If you enjoy musicals, “Annie” is definitely worth seeing.

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