Police K-9 Diagnosed with PTSD after EL Drug Search

Edna Gertrude, ’15

"I've seen some things, man."

“I’ve seen some things, man.”

The Auburn Police Department announced  recently that their K-9 unit dog, Chip, has sadly been forced into retirement due to a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder after the previous drug search at Edward Little.

“We went in with a general understanding that the amount of drugs being imported into the school was extremely high. What we didn’t know is that it would be that bad,” said Chief Wilbert.

When the drug dogs entered EL, Wilbert said that Chip was fine. He was sniffing around and did not find any drugs until he reached the English hallway, which is when Chip stopped near the boys bathroom and begin to whimper.

“He just wouldn’t budge,” said Wilbert.

Chip laid in the English wing, lethargic for 5 minutes until, finally, Wilbert had to pick up the dog and bring him downstairs to the police car for some rest.

“We weren’t really sure what was happening at this time, but what we did know is that we had to get him help,” said Officer Molly, the officer who raised Chip from a puppy.

Chip has done approximately 30 other drug searches at many schools in the Auburn/Lewiston area and has never had any type of reaction like this one.

Currently, Chip is at the veterinarian receiving the proper care from professionals. He is expected to return home in a month, but will not be able to go back in the field.


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