Journalism and Film Combine for Broadcast Media Course

By Shannon Brown, ’16

The Eddies Echo and the documentary film class will join together to create a broadcast media class for ELHS students next year. Both elements of the journalism and film class will be implemented into the new full school year class. EL students can recreate the environment of a newsroom in school, learning the ins and outs of news writing for television and the web.

The broadcast media class will be taught by art teacher Shawn Rice and English teacher Brandon Dudley. Rice currently teaches Introduction to Film, where students learn the basics and more to creating their own films, while Dudley is the teacher for Journalism, a class that writes EL related news articles and publishes them here on Mr.Dudley also is the editor of the website that currently being used by the Journalism class this school year, which is also their last school year before the Broadcast Media class takes over.

The teachers are both excited about the project. “I think Mr.Dudley is passionate about journalism and I’m passionate about documentary film making,” said Rice. “Journalistic Film is a good idea that appeals to both of us.”

The broadcast media class will teach the students how to write news and convert it into a broadcast news report. From constructing questions, research, interview skills, article writing, equipment set up, filming, then editing.

The Eddies Echo website will still be a source of news for EL students, but instead of just written news articles dominating the site, pre-recorded video reports will play a more dominant role.

If the local access channel, Great Falls TV, gives the go ahead, the EL broadcast media students will get their chance to be on television. The city government has expressed interest in allowing the class to add material to the channel.

“I think it’s a fantastic marriage of two or more disciplines, it’ll incorporate ELA standards, social studies standards and visual art standards,” said Mr.Rice.

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