Is Spirit Week Necessary?

By Danica Nadeau, 15′

Senior Luke Sterling gets a boost at this year's Spirit Week.

Senior Luke Sterling gets a boost at this year’s Spirit Week.

From hallway decorations to the different arrange of colors walking through the halls, spirit week is a week for teenagers to be teenagers. At Edward Little High School, we take spirit week seriously, and even though it’s a week that is not totally focused on academics, I can say that with definite confidence that it has a positive impact on the school community.

With the big bad seniors wearing black and conquering the halls, you always have the juniors tagging along trying to steal the ghost, the sophomores stepping up their game, and the freshmen just beginning to get the feel of how Edward Little tackles this crazy week. Even though spirit week shows everyone’s competitive side, it also is a time that the school community bonds and becomes stronger. Spirit week doesn’t just allow teenagers to have fun; it also allows classes to work together to become closer.

From my freshmen year to my senior year, I have personally witnessed my class’s growth. Looking back to freshmen year I recall there rarely being any effort being put into spirit week. As little freshmen, we were afraid to go “all out” during spirit week because we were new to the school, and lets be honest, enough eyes were already on us so why would we draw more attention to ourselves? As time flew by though, and as my class began to become more comfortable with the school and our class spirit increased, each year it was very evident that the participation increased dramatically.

Everything with spirit week involves cooperation, and without that, nothing would get accomplished. Class t-shirts would not be made, hallway decorations would be a disaster, class skits would be dull, and the rally would be silent. Spirit week allows each and every class to come together to conquer one goal; to be able to get their hands on the ghost. Teamwork is the only way that a class would be able to reach that goal. Spirit Week also draws out students who normally are not heavily involved in the school. Personally, I know that during spirit week kids who are not as outgoing as some other students often become some of the biggest helpers. Spirit week allows everyone’s voice to be heard.

Winning spirit week my senior year was one of the moments of high school that I will find myself reminiscing about in college. The entire senior class worked as one and accomplished what others thought we wouldn’t. The junior class was very eager to win this year’s spirit week, however, because spirit week brings the best out in every class, especially the seniors, we stepped it up to be able to embrace the ghost for the very last time.


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