Increased Number of Underclassmen Graduating Early

By Aisha Ali, ’14

In previous years, graduating early was uncommon. Now, students are warming up to the idea of leaving high school early. This year marks  the most underclassmen graduating early, according to Assistant Principal Steve Galway. There are five juniors graduating: Zachary Hurd, Mohamed Mohamed, Nina Wallingford, Nicole Morin, and Rahma Ali [ed. note: Rahma is the younger sister of writer Aisha Ali].

“The reason I am graduating early is because I feel like I’m ready to move on,” said Hurd. “I really wanted [a] chance to see how I could do academically by taking some college courses. Once I saw that I was able to succeed in [those classes], I decided to get my diploma and not delay my higher education.”

Others have slightly different reasons why they are moving on, but in common is their aspiration to advance into college and make progress toward their chosen field.

“At first, [graduating early] was a dream that my mom had with my older sister,” said Mohamed, “but since that didn’t work out she started joking around and saying that I was going to graduate early. So yes and no, it wasn’t something that we thought was possible until we tried and now here I am graduating.”

Ali said she wants to graduate early because “I want to get a head start to college and take classes with my sister, since we’re both going to be doing premed.”

Hurd is planning on attending Husson University to study business. Mohamed envisions becoming an engineer, and Ali dreams of becoming a doctor. They all of high hopes for the future, and plan to take advantage of their time.

With every decision one has to make, there are both pros and cons that must be weighed. The most prominent disadvantage is that these individuals won’t be graduating with the class they entered with.

“It’s not a huge deal in my opinion, I feel that one way or another I’m going to get my diploma,” said Hurd. “Friends are nice, but education is the basis for life.”

Leaving high school early is not for everyone. It can be both stressful for the individual and their parents. “In terms of other people graduating early,” said Hurd, “my advice to them is to consider whether or not they are ready to move on and their reasoning behind it.”

The transition to college early can be difficult. “The ability of a young student to fit in socially in college,” according to Galway, can be one of the disadvantages to graduating early.

“I’m extremely worried,” said Hurd, “because it’s not like high school where you move up with a whole class of people. But there’s also a plus to new social experiences. You can be who ever you want.”


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