Freshmen Fundraising Failure: Black Lights Burn Out

by Bilal Hussein, ’18

“Fundraising is very crucial,” said Oliver Hall of the black-light dance that was set for Friday, March 4, but was subsequently cancelled due to low ticket sales.

According to Hall, a former presidential contender for the Class of 2019 and now a member of the Freshman Executive Board, the dance was cancelled “because not enough students bought advanced tickets.” The Executive Board was pressured to make a tough call, either continue holding the dance, with the risk of no students partaking in the event, or totally cancel the dance. They ultimately decided if they held the dance, there was no guarantee they would actually make money.”We wanted to make sure we made a profit,” Hall said.

With the successful “Snowball Dance” hosted by the sophomores months earlier, Hall explained why he believed the dance was unsuccessful. “I think we started advertising too late and we didn’t get enough people to bring their friend groups.” Hall believed that lack of students participating and not being involved enough caused this dance to be a failure.

Will there be another dance hosted by the class of 2019? “I’m not quite sure, seeing as prom is coming up soon, but I hope we do.”

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