Fear and Loathing of an Auburn Education: Senior Portfolios

By Alex Lally, ’14

Imagine yourself as a senior and it’s the end of the year. You’ve obtained all 24 class credits, your 24 hours of community service are done, and you got to make out with your significant other at prom. Oh yes, life is good and you’re home-free for graduation. However, there’s one insignificant thing blocking your way: your senior portfolio. All of a sudden, that happy feeling is replaced with anger because you just don’t want to do this thing.

Senior portfolios, for those unaware, are suppose to be a “reflection” of your Auburn education as a whole. Honestly, I don’t see the point to them and I think they’re a waste of everybody’s time. The worst part is that it’s a graduation requirement.

I remember seeing some from last year and they were just awful. They were lazy, forced, and clearly had no time, and most importantly, no love put into them. When they presented them, it was dreadful. The way they presented them felt so forced and unenthusiastic. The Keynotes themselves felt like they were compiled in five minutes. Just a couple of bullets on one slide and a generic photo of the front of EL. Very lazy work.

Why should anybody care about how your Auburn education was? I mean most of the seniors have been together for most of their education; it just seems repetitive. The worst part is that your supposed to write down what you learned from elementary, middle, and high school. I just find that part really stupid because we already know we learned the basic four core classes of English, science, social studies, and math.

It’s a complete waste that it’s a high school graduation requirement. Isn’t it already good enough that some of us have gotten all our class credits and maintained good grades during our four years of high school. Why add more to our plate? Is it to make us suffer? Senior trip, senior banquet, finishing up our classes and Project Grad. Isn’t that already enough for us to handle?

In conclusion, I loathe the idea of senior portfolios. They are a waste of everybody’s time.

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