EL Continues Spirit Week Tradition with Board Game Inspired Theme

Students Dressed in Pink on Tuesday, Oct. 1, to support Breast Cancer Awareness.

Students Dressed in Pink on Tuesday, Oct. 1, to support Breast Cancer Awareness.

By Vada Ritchie, ’15

Welcome freshmen, and welcome back sophomores, juniors and seniors, to Spirit Week!

    This year’s theme is board games. The seniors’ board game is Clue, juniors’ board game is Candy Land, sophomores’ board game is Life, and freshman’s board game is Risk. Hallway decorating will be Wednesday, Oct. 2, at 3:30pm to 7:30 pm. Judges will be evaluating the hallways at 7:45 pm.

    “I think people will participate, but this year is definitely a hard year, especially with the board game theme. I feel like there is going to be a lot of confusion of what to do,” said Liz Smith, junior. Wednesday is board game day. On this day, students dress as a board game or board game character. Students do not need to dress as their class board game if they choose not to.

Thursday is class color day. Seniors wear black, juniors wear white, sophomores wear red, freshman wear grey and teachers wear orange. Students will only need to wear one item of their class color to receive points for this day.

Friday is maroon and white day. Seniors and juniors wear maroon, sophomores and freshman wear white. The most points students can receive on this day is ten, by wearing five items of their color.  If they only wear one item, students receive one point. Two items, two points. Three items, three points. Four items, four points.

    Other ways students can help their class earn points is by giving canned goods and clothes for the local community and for students at Edward Little. Seniors, bring donations to Mrs. Galway in room 117. Juniors, bring donations to Mrs. Reed in room 119. Sophomores donation box is local with Mrs. Latuscha in room 131. Freshman, bring donations to Ms. Cyr in room 215.

There will also be jars for each class where students can put money in for their class. The money jars will be collected at the end of the day Thursday.

    The homecoming dance will be Saturday, Oct. 5, from 7:30 pm to 10 pm. Students will be required to dress up. Tickets will be sold all week before school, after school and there will be tables set up at lunch where students can buy them as well. Each ticket is $5.

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