EL Alum Rolls into Collegiate Bowling

Class of 2014 alum Brandon Dubuc bowls at the collegiate level for the University of Pikesville in Kentucky.

Class of 2014 alum Brandon Dubuc bowls at the collegiate level for the University of Pikesville in Kentucky.

By Avery Goulding, ’19

Four years, four seasons, yet it only took one year of teamwork, confidence and passion to set Brandon Dubuc’s goal for a lifetime. Dubuc, a 2014 ELHS alumnus and current student at the University of Pikeville in Kentucky, recently shared his long road to collegiate bowling.

Dubuc knew he wanted to carry bowling with him for the rest of his life after just one season in the EL bowling program, which is united with Lewiston, Leavitt, and Lisbon. “We came from four different high schools,” Dubuc said, “and we all fit together really well.”

The four schools united to form one team, and together they worked to build chemistry, teamwork and strength among each other. Though the team was adequate together, they never managed to win a championship. Dubuc admitted they always came up short; yet even out of the losses, Dubuc managed to claim the individual title during his senior year.

The team experienced different changes as seniors left the team and new freshman joined each year. Though the constant fluctuations made it hard to get the team into a solid rhythm, Dubuc was happy to see so many younger players come into the sport. “I think the freshman were the positives really. With each incoming freshman the team got more fun. It had everything to do with some of the attitudes on the team, that includes mine for a time as well.” So regardless of the numbers or levels of experience, each year’s team was held together by focus, determination, and positive energy.

Dubuc said he never had any intentions of going to college until he was informed about college bowling. The summer after Dubuc graduated from EL in 2014, he attended a tournament in Detroit where he was staying in the same hotel as the head coach of the collegiate bowling team at the University of Pikeville in Kentucky. “He decided to scout me and convinced me to go and check out the campus at Upike,” Dubuc said. Yet Dubuc said he never had intentions of even going to college until he was informed about college bowling during high school. “I knew it existed but, I didn’t know where it existed or how big it really was. It’s not something you get exposed to, bowling in this corner of the country.”

When the university notified him about their desire to have him on their team, he went for it.


Bowling in college away from his hometown was much different than high school bowling, naturally. “The amount of chemistry and ability to mesh well with your teammates is completely necessary through collegiate bowling,” Dubuc said. “You have to have each other’s backs no matter what. You cannot win as a group of individuals.”

Dubuc said his teammates took home first place in their very first tournament of the season. He noted that it was a huge experience for both him and his teammates.

Dubuc remembers fondly his four years dedicated to bowling at EL. Now he competes and strives as a collegiate bowler spending his days encouraging and building with his teammates, working on his weaknesses and remembering that no achievement in life goes without hard work.

“If I hadn’t gotten into bowling when I was a kid I don’t know what I would be doing now,” Dubuc said. “I would have never met any of the friends I have now and I would have never been exposed to this amazing sport. It’s crazy to think what might have happened had I never picked up a bowling ball.”

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