Edward Little Likely Changing Finals Week

By Aisha Ali, ’14

As a movement towards Mass Customized Learning, Edward Little High School is exploring eliminating finals week starting next year, which in turn would likely mean no more exemptions from finals for students.

“[ Finals week] is outdated, it was something that served its purpose in the olden days,” said Steve Galway, assistant principle of Edward Little High School.

The biggest question is what will finals week be replaced with? Mr. Galway predicts that the end of the semester will be used differently. Instead of having one week dedicated to finals, the semester will continue as usual and there will be some form of major assignment submitted in place of a final, such as having to make a presentation via Keynote, writing a major essay or doing a big project to showcase understanding. Students may also still take finals-style tests, they would just take place during the regular class time.

Students had a variety of reactions. “I think it would allow the teachers more time to teach us,” said Marysa Morin, sophomore. “I think it would be better than taking finals, because I’m not good at taking tests.”

“I guess it makes [students] work hard and study… the knowledge stays with them through out the year,” said senior Brei Cote.

One major driving force behind the change is to better prepare students for college. Many top tier students end up with grades high enough to exempt them from finals. Some students, because of their high grades, never have to take finals. This gives them few, if any, opportunities to prepare for the more rigorous high stakes testing that is prevalent in college.

By possibly eliminating finals week and exemptions, students will face more experiences similar to college. “I can’t think of any disadvantages,” said Galway.

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