Edward Little Farmer’s Market Runs Every Thursday and Friday

By Shannon Brown, “16”

From the farm to the Farmers Market, vegetables are being sold at the Edward Little High School every Friday after school. The vegetables sold come from a retired farmer’s land, who donates land to the class of Chemistry Through Agriculture. The class is taught by Mrs. Kim Finnerty who is also in charge of the Farmers Market.

All proceeds from the Farmers Market goes back to the farmer, Mr.Whiting, to cover the expenses. The students are learning the nutrients of each vegetables as well as each element used to help the plants grow, as well as teach them where the plants’ elements are on the periodic table. Mrs. Finnerty thinks her class has “a good learning opportunity to know where your their food comes from.” The students also learn about crop rotation, different compost and pesticides.

The Farmers Market has a wide variety of vegetables which range from jalapeños, cucumbers, cabbages, corn, squash, pumpkins, etc. While the squash and pumpkins are weighed to figure out their price, many others are sold by the quantity. All vegetables will be sold up until the winter season, when the seeds will be stored and brought out again in the spring to be sold in packets and as seedlings.

The volunteers that help out with the farmers market during their fourth period learning labs say they enjoy helping out. “We love it, put a lot of work into it… picking, organizing, making it look pretty,” says volunteer Sydnee Harris.


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