Eddies Hold Election for 2016-2017

by Eddies Echo Staff

Elections for the executive boards for the Classes of 2017, 2018, and 2019 were held on June 1.

Current incumbents included:
Juniors: President Noah Yarnevich and Vice President Marshall Chadbourne
Sophomores: President Patrick Luizzo and Vice President Nick Hathaway
Freshmen: President Caleb Yarnevich and Vice President Ethan Brown

After the ballots were counted the newly elected officials would begin their term starting later this fall. The new officials include:
Next year’s Seniors: President-elect CJ Jipson and Vice President Marshall Chadbourne
Next year’s Juniors: President-elect Caleb Howard and Vice President-elect Bilal Hussein
Next year’s Sophomores: President Caleb Yarnevich and Vice President Ethan Brown

Both of the top officers from the Class of 2019 have now been elected to two consecutive terms. Caleb Howard brought forth a major upset to President Luizzo, defeating him in his re-election. Vice President-elect Bilal Hussein previously served as the freshman class president of the Class of 2018. CJ Jipson served as the sophomore class president for the Class of 2017. Finally, Marshall Chadbourne has successfully run for the vice presidential position for the fourth straight year.

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