Doxxe Fitness Aims to Get Students in Shape

By Danica Nadeau, ’15

Students that participated in the Insanity workout program last year may have thought that it was too difficult for them. But this year, for students that want to get into shape, Doxxe fitness is the route Junior Jake Bazinet believes students should take. “Doxxe fitness is a lighter and more easy workout than Insanity, but you will still get the results,” said Bazinet.

Doxxe Fitness will supply participants with the workouts needed to sculpt their body and help get them into shape without the strenuous, arduous sessions of the Insanity program.

“The workouts consist of a bunch of workouts sort of mixed together, but mostly yoga and pilates,” Bazinet said.

The first meeting of the new program will be Nov. 4 in the cafeteria.

Growing up, Bazinet never had the confidence to participate in team sports because he felt intimidated by people on the teams. By bringing Doxxe fitness to EL, Bazinet’s intention is to “get people into shape without them having to be on a sports team because they are intimidated by them. They can take an alternative route to getting toned and fit.”

Childhood obesity has greatly increased throughout the years, partially due to lack of activity and poor diet. Getting in shape may take a lot of work, but with support, students can accomplish that goal. Bazinet has made this program because he wants people to feel comfortable in their own skin, he said, and to believe they can do whatever they want to do.

Bazinet is a firm believer that Doxxe Fitness is going to motivate the participants to keep working out on their own, and not just during the sessions after school. “It is going to make them get fit, toned, and is going to make you motivated to reach that weight loss goal,” Bazinet says

Former participants of the Insanity workout, Elizabeth Farr and Brooke Reynolds, both juniors, say that Bazinet is a great motivator, is very committed, and will push participants to their limits to make them better. “Jake gives you the correct materials you need to succeed in this fitness program,” Farr said.


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