Dodgeball Tournament Finals Tonight

By Bryan Koester, ’14

Since the beginning of the week, dodgeball has been the main topic of conversation in the Edward Little gymnasium. Monday, after school, a scrimmage was held between the 11 dodgeball teams that signed up, on Tuesday the official games of this week’s tournament started.

Last night, the dodgeball players were duking it out, giving their fullest. From the E-lemonators to the Dodge Fathers, the teams were well organized, most even with their own team shirts.

Mrs. Galway was in charge of organizing and holding the tournament.

Upon entering the gymnasium, teams could be seen sitting in the stands, still in formation, or on deck with their friends. Two teams competed at a time, using the entire gymnasium floor. The drive and determination of the teams make seeing them very exciting and intense.

Yesterday, there was another set of games where two more teams were eliminated.

After eliminations on Friday, the final competition will be held between the top two teams, then after that, a game between the best players on the 11 teams put into one team to play against the teachers. Those games will start at 6 p.m. tonight, so try to come around!

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