Do Students Really Know What’s Going On?

Danica Nadeau 15′

For years, when the bell rang and signaled the start of second period, Edward Little High School students would hear announcements from the great “Brian Williams,” aka Mr. Steve Galway. This year, however, Edward Little has transferred to announcements on Powerschool, the web program that students use to check up on homework assignments and their grades.

Many students are unhappy about the change, though, because they have missed out on important events, updates, and after-school meetings. “I hate it,” said Sarah Baillargeon, senior. “Not every person goes on the website or app and checks it out.”

Senior Brandon Fortier agreed. “It’s kind of annoying because we really don’t know what is going on,” he said.

To be able to know any type of announcement, students and teachers have to go onto the Powerschool website, or the iPad app, and click the announcements link which will take them right to where the announcements for the week are. “Sometimes, I just think we forget to check,” said Baillargeon.

Others said time is an issue. “I’ve had absolutely no time to look at them online. We’re kids in high school. We have responsibilities and work to worry about,” says Ruby Cote, senior.

Also, it is not just students who believe the new announcements are more of a complicated process, rather than being successful. Social studies teacher Darren Leighton thinks the announcements on PowerSchool help keep distractions in class to a minimum, however, “if students aren’t checking PowerSchool, they are missing a lot of information they need to be getting.”

Many students complained in previous years that the announcements were useless and did not supply them with information that applied to them, however some students disagreed. “I know that they stopped the announcements because people didn’t listen to them, but just as many people listen to them and relied on them,” said Marisa Carter, sophomore.

“I personally liked having them over the intercom,” said Leighton.

Recently during mentors, guidance sent out forms for students to fill out which asked for their phone numbers, emails, and ways to contact family efficiently. These announcements will originate from guidance and will be received through the SchoolMessenger’s Contact Manager web site. The Contact Manager feature will allow you to customize and control the ways that you will be contacted with news from the school, such as phone calls, e-mails and text messages. These announcements will consist of attendance, general interest activities for the community, and campus/district emergencies.

As for the daily announcements, it is unclear if “Brian Williams” will ever return to the airwaves.

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