Delorme Leaving EL to Join Peace Corps

by Michaila Wilmot, ’17


Social studies teacher Jonathan Delorme is leaving ELHS at the end of the year to travel to Morocco with the Peace Corps. (Photo by Noah Libby)

Jonathan Delorme, a first year social studies teacher at Edward Little High School, is leaving at the end of this year to join the Peace Corps to work on Youth Development in Morocco. Delorme graduated from the University of Farmington in 2015, and previously graduated from E.L in 2011. He teaches freshman social studies and sophomore world history. 

The Peace Corps mission is to help other countries and provide technical assistance. Also, it’s a way for other countries to understand American culture and to help the volunteers understand other cultures of the world. He feels very proud and excited to be serving in the Peace Corps and to represent the United States. He still isn’t sure what part of Morocco he will be placed in, but his assignment will be to work with Youth Development. He describes Youth Development as “being a summer counselor to them, I will also be teaching them English.”

His inspiration to proceed with the program is “to fully understand myself and who I am as an individual. I am looking forward to learning and understanding a different culture and learning the language.”

“I’ve stayed in Maine and the surrounding areas for most of my life,” he said. Delorme feels like going to Morocco is taking a step out of his comfort and taking a chance. “My fears about taking this tour is missing my family, friends and big life events such as a marriage or a death of a loved one.”

This tour will last 27 months since it’s his first time, and all returning veterans will have shorter tours. He’s not sure what he wants to do after the Peace Corps. He may come back to work at EL, he exclaims it’s “his dream job” and that he loves it here, though he may join the Peace Corps again for a second tour. Either way, he says he’s excited to start a new chapter in life and to enjoy every moment of it.

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