Class Presidents have High Goals for School Year

By Danica Nadeau, ’15

The senior and junior class presidents of Edward Little High School both have ideas to help raise money for their classes. Both presidents love being able to see their classes work together and be successful.

Rakiya Mohammed, the senior class president, is planning on hosting a dodgeball tournament, along with a winter carnival to try and help raise money for her class this year. Also, because the senior class will not be holding the handball tournament like they have in the past, Mohammed says, “The idea is still kind of up in the air for other classes if they want to take it.”


This is Mohammed’s first year as president for the senior class. Last year, Mohammed and Kennedy Hubbard were the vice presidents. Mohammed believes that her class is a strong class and says, “What I have found in the past four years, is that no matter what our differences are, when Spirit Week comes around or whenever fundraisers come around, we really do work together.”

Mohammed’s favorite part about being class president is being able to see the positive outcome of her work. “It is just a great feeling to know that you made others happy,” Mohammed states.

Even though the title of class President may tell others how much of a leader you are, Mohammed isn’t all that into having that title, but says, “It’s not really about the title at the end of the day, It’s about helping your class out as a unit.”

Even though graduation may seem far away to most, it will come quickly. “By the time we get to graduation, hopefully everyone has had a satisfying high school career because we are never going to get these last four years back,” Mohammed says.

Mercedes Lane, the junior class president is working to raise the class money to help support the senior prom. Lane says “We need to make more money so we can have a good prom for the seniors.” Another way that Lane plans to raise money for the junior class is to start having a bake sale at the upcoming sporting events. Lane says believes that when the class works together, they get a lot done.

By the end of the year for the juniors, Lane is hoping to see everyone working more as a unit. “I hope to see us more as a class working together, and not in groups,” Lane expresses.

Updates on the class presidents for the underclassmen will be posted soon.

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