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Friday Morning News – 3/15

The latest edition of the Friday morning news is a special extended edition, with news of the recent success of the One Act Team at regionals, information from teachers about new business management, sports management, and precision manufacturing course offerings for next year, a glimpse of an elaborate lab project in science classes, and more.

Double the Flavor, Double the Fun at Winter Carnival

Winter Carnival Day Two was twice as much fun as day one, as students and faculty dressed up for Twin Day. The afternoon was filled with competitions, such as cribbage, ping pong, and a 5K race.

As of day two faculty are in the lead, with the sophomores close behind. The events and competition continue for the rest of the week, so check back for more details.

Winter Carnival Kicks Up The Heat with Tropical Day

Yesterday kicked off the annual Winter Carnival, with students and staff getting into the spirit in their tropical gear. During the day, students participated in the art walk showcasing a number of student works, and after school, students and staff competed in a variety of competitions, such as volleyball, academic decathlon, chess, and more.

Check out the video recap below by Eddies Echo staff member Alina Laliberte.

Friday Morning Announcements 3-1

In this week’s edition, the EL girls Alpine team wins states, the Unified Basketball team goes into the end of the season strong, and there’s a special report on the new EMT course offered here at EL.

Friday Morning Announcements 2-8

In this week’s edition, we’ve got news about two ELHS teacher nominated for Androscoggin County Teacher of the Year, the upcoming Drama Club performance of Nooses Off!, and senior basketball player Wol Maiwen’s 1,000th point.

Friday Morning Announcements 1-18

Welcome to the first Friday Morning Announcements for 2019. In this report, we have updates on the drama club, skiing, and a special report on the manufacturing internship program here at ELHS.

Thanks for watching. If you have any news tips or suggestions, comment below.

All-City Band Concert

by Colby Birkbeck ’16

I had the opportunity this past Winter to see first and second-year students in the Sherwood Heights Elementary band perform their first concert of the year. Since then, they had another concert, the All-City Band Concert at Edward Little High School on March 22, 2016. The bleachers were packed and the students were anxious, though once they started playing, I couldn’t help but focus on the incredible sound improvement the students have made. In just four months of practicing every Wednesday afternoon, the performance was much more cohesive resulting in a well-rehearsed show.  The participation from the students and the band directors was phenomenal; it was definitely a treat and an absolute pleasure to attend both shows.

Adventures of Tintin Sequel in the Works

Peter Jackson will direct the sequel to "The Adventures of Tintin."

Peter Jackson will direct the sequel to “The Adventures of Tintin.”

By Shayna Barnhard, ’15

In my last article, I mentioned how, in 7th grade, I was introduced to one of my now favorite book characters, Tintin, through the movie that came out in 2011.The director and producer Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson will now be making a second Tintin movie.

Before I begin, I just wanted to say that I didn’t talk much about the first movie in my article, but the first movie was awesome!  The CGI in the film was amazing.  Once I started reading the books, I realized there were so many references to the books in just the beginning credits.  For example, on the train dashboard, surrounding the name of the person is the names of the all the places Tintin travels to in the books; China, San Theodoro, Syldavia, the Moon, etc.  There’s so many other references but I won’t spoil anymore from the movie.  Let’s see if you can spot them.  

Далеко от дома: A Long Way From Home

Rahma Ali ’15

Darima Dashidondokova, a foreign exchange student at Edward Little High School this year, comes from a small town called Aginskoye in Russia, just north of Mongolia.

Darima Dashidondokova enjoys the pep rally in September. The Russian exchange student has steeped herself in life at Edward Little.

Darima Dashidondokova enjoys the pep rally in September. The Russian exchange student has steeped herself in life at Edward Little. “Spirit week was amazing,” she said. “I felt myself part of EL…I love the spirit of this school. “

   Dashidondokova went to Aginskoye Okrug Gymnazium, her school back home. In Russia, students finish high school in 11th grade. Classes there are 45 minutes long and students usually have six classes a day.  At her old school, they didn’t have any art classes, only “serious stuff,” as Dashidondokova likes to call it. First to eighth grade students wear maroon uniforms, and ninth to eleventh grade students wear black uniforms.

Seniors Host Halloween Party Fundraiser

Students take part in the Mummy Wrap contest at the senior Halloween party.

Students take part in the Mummy Wrap contest at the senior Halloween party.

On Oct. 26, the Edward Little High School seniors hosted a costume party at the American Legion on Washington Street to raise money for their class. Money raised by the class goes to things like the senior trip and banquet.

I was there at the party, and it was a success in terms of attendance. There were various costumes, some including a “cereal” killer, an undead escort, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and many more.