Battle of the Classes: Spirit Week 2013

Mariah Carroll and Kory Norcross cheer after the seniors came from behind to  win Spirit Week.

Mariah Carroll and Kory Norcross cheer after the seniors came from behind to win Spirit Week.

By Danica Nadeau, ’15

To most students, this spirit week has been the most competitive of their high school experience. “This weeks spirit week was intense,” said Mariah Carroll, senior. “The competition was crazy.”

Between pink day, camo/country day, game board character day, class color day, and the pep rally, every class wanted their end results to be the same as the seniors. To be able to hold the ghost. However, this year the seniors crept by the sophomores, beating them and winning the ghost trophy.

For the newcomers to Edward Little, the experience for them was a totally different atmosphere than what they were used to. Haley Frohlich, freshmen, said, “I really enjoyed spirit week. This was my first year and it was great experience.”

The participation from all classes was outstanding during spirit week. “This past spirit week was definitely my favorite,” said Amanda Grenier, senior. “The amount of effort that the senior class put in was the most I’ve seen in all four years.”

Participation was at an all-time high, according to organizers. The freshmen class, for example, had a total of 96 percent of their class participate on class color day.

The pep rally is easily the loudest part of spirit week, but some students look forward to the creativity of the classes during the class skits. Abby Roy, sophomore, really enjoys the skits during spirit week. The sophomore classes skit was her favorite because of the props and music they used, she said. She thought that the music made the skit better. Zachary Boyd, freshmen, said, “The junior skit was the best. I really liked how they did they dance off between the boys and the girls. It was pretty funny.”

There were some conflicts between classes, particularly between the seniors, the historical winners, and the sophomores, who put in a strong showing and came close to stealing the trophy. Grenier said “I think spirit week went really well this year, even with the bumps the senior and sophomore class went through. I think it was handled well, which made spirit week great.”

Junior Danielle Morin said, “I like this spirit week a lot because of how close it made the junior and senior class become. We all supported one another.”

The hallway decorating contest garnered a lot of participation, key to winning the night. From creepy hallways to sweet, candy-filled ones, all classes had tremendous amount of help from students in their class. Elizabeth Farr and Zachary Gosselin, juniors, agreed that the seniors hallway was the best, because of the overall spooky feeling of it when you walked through. Karli Stubbs liked the sophomore hallway the best because of the candy, and it seemed to come to life because of the creativity.

This year, the seniors hallway was Clue, the junior hallway was Candy Land, the sophomore hallway was Life, and the freshmen hallway was Risk.

This will be the seniors last spirit week in high school. Grenier’s advice to the upcoming seniors was “Put in as much effort as possible. Have a positive attitude towards the other classes. For the skits and hallways, participation is key, also participation and having class will get your further than you think.”

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